What Does AUW Do?

What Does AUW Do?

For more than 100 years, Aloha United Way has served the community in a number of ways, but today we serve in ways beyond supporting Honolulu nonprofit agencies. Back in 1919, several non-profits decided it would be far more efficient for multiple charities to jointly fundraise, leaving more resources for community work. Frank C. Atherton and the Honolulu Chamber of Commerce wanted to create a more efficient and impactful way of encouraging charitable giving to nonprofits, primarily by reaching out in the workplace. The workplace campaign was born and from there, generation after generation has made the commitment to support Aloha United Way. However, we are no longer a simple fundraising hui and our impact reaches far beyond Oahu. Today, Aloha United Way is a connector, amplifier, advocate and vital resource that is on the forefront of systemic, transformative social change here in the Islands.

Through Aloha United Wayʻs 211 Helpline, we connect thousands of users with more than 4000 programs offered by nonprofit and government agencies. From, “hello” to help the 211 Helpline connects real people with resources and support every day. This is a statewide service, reaching far beyond Oahu. As a connector, we also bring together the most impactful and thoroughly reviewed nonprofits together to address social issues in our community and are able to connect coalitions behind the most serious problems. The ALICE Initiative (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed), works through a cohort of nonprofits that have been convened by AUW for their efficacy and focus.

Aloha United Way is also an amplifier. We have the unique position to be able to identify some of the most impactful work happening in our community and make investment in those agencies and programs so those same programs can be scaled to reach more people. We have consistently invested in pilot programs that have later resulted in expansive solutions and through our own research and data collection, we have also been able to direct funds for amplified positive results. It is also through this that we have become an advocate and a resource.

AUWʻs 211 Helpline data, ALICE Initiative reports and dashboards, as well as other tools are used to advocate for people who would otherwise not have a voice. Through building networks, meeting with legislators and community stakeholders, and utilizing the most current data Aloha United Way brings advocacy to a new level. We can achieve together what no agency or individual can achieve on their own. Other nonprofit organizations, governmental agencies and community members can tap into these resources for free in order to make informed decisions. The financial, technical, and research resources that AUW provides are a lifesource for change.

We are only able to connect, amplify, advocate and provide resources because more than 1400 workplace campaigns fuel the fire behind a network of nearly 350 nonprofit agencies here in Hawaii. From our 211 Helpline and Safety Net to the ALICE Initiative and advocacy work, we rely on your investment.

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